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Radio Host Joe Kerry
Joe spent just under 10 years working with Glenn Beck as his Chief-of-Staff and President of Glenn’s non-profit, Mercury One. He worked in Washington, DC on President George H. Bush’s Council on Competitiveness and in New York City working with CNN and FOX NEWS and most recently with THE BLAZE.

Joe is a New York Times and USA Today #1 Best Selling Author. He co-authored, Common Sense, The Case Against an Out of Control Government, with Glenn Beck, which sold over 2,000,000 copies and was printed in Chinese, Korean and German.

After spending time in politics and media, Joe believes that the solution to today’s problems won’t be found in Washington, DC o in Hollywood but in our own homes. Joe’s show is a live call-in talk radio show that discusses the issues of the day in the context of what really matters: family, community, and staying true to your better self.

Joe has seen firsthand the importance of personal preparation for natural disasters both in temporally and spiritually. He led relief teams immediately after Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey and arrived with relief supplies to the victims of tornadoes in Moore Oklahoma.

DisruptUP Radio is carried on KTALK RADIO//AM 630 Monday-Friday during the drive home. 4pm-6pm. Tune in , listen-in, and call-in.

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